Are you feeling overwhelmed by the academic vocabulary you need to pass university exams like the TOEFL and IELTS? Have you considered studying academic vocabulary, but just don’t have the time to fit another class into your schedule?

You can learn essential academic vocabulary and the vocabulary skills you’ll need to face exams and university study with confidence.

If you study and practice these vocabulary lessons for 15-30 minutes a day, a month from now you will be better prepared to recognize, understand, and retain new vocabulary.

After taking this course, you will

  • know the best ways to study vocabulary.
  • know how to interpret context clues and recognize word parts (like common prefixes, roots, and suffixes.) With these skills you can understand or make good guesses about words you haven't learned yet (since English has so many thousand less common words.)
  • understand test instructions, question formats, & essay organization.
  • identify the main ideas of an article or essay, good introductions and conclusions, supporting evidence, and effective transitions. 
  • recognize and make accurate summaries.

You will also have learned or reviewed and practiced a large number of the most useful words found frequently in scientific articles, textbooks, and academic tests.

This is a 'beta' course, which means that I will work closely with a small group of students to make sure it offers you the help you need. You will have a chance to suggest improvements and ask for extra practice so that you're prepared to face your exam with confidence. I'm also offering it a lower price for this first time-- so you get a discount as well as personal attention and a chance to decide what's most important to include.

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Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Week 1, Day 2-3: Using Context Clues and Word Parts to Understand Unfamiliar Words

  • 3

    Week 1 day 4-6 Learning & Remembering Vocabulary

    • How to Study Vocabulary

    • Bonus When Do You KNOW a word?

    • Quiz on Memory Palaces

    • Week 1 Urls and a Vocabulary Notebook Template

    • The Scientific Method: Essay, Vocabulary, & Quiz

    • Key Academic Vocabulary to Practice from the Scientific Method Essay

  • 4

    Unit or Week 2A: Academic Writing & Its Vocabulary

    • Unit 2: Academic Writing Vocabulary

    • Sharing Ideas by Writing or Talking

    • Essay Organization & Transition Practice

    • Test Scoring Vocabulary

    • Essay Scoring Criteria and the Best Responses to Essay Prompts

  • 5

    Unit 2B Key Academic Vocabulary Review & Supplement

    • Vocabulary & Essay Organization Review- Unintended Consequences

    • Essay Vocabulary Assessment

    • Bonus- Important Essay Vocabulary Practice

  • 6

    Week 3: Vocabulary for Different Subjects & Needs

    • Unit 3: Vocabulary for Different Subjects & Needs

    • Vocabulary for Persuasion

    • Chart and comparison vocabulary

    • What is the Author Implying?

    • Week 3 Quiz

  • 7

    What's Next?

    • Keep Learning Vocabulary-- a few Minutes a Day

    • Share your ideas for improving this course

About the instructor


Catherine Simonton

I’ve been helping students learn English for nearly 20 years, though I've been fascinated by words and languages my whole life.

I learned how to study vocabulary while studying several languages including Latin (the source of so many roots of English words), Spanish, a little Portuguese (just reading), and some Chinese. That language study has been so enriching, as well as useful, that I want to help others get the same benefits from learning English!

While teaching adult ESL I saw the need for more reading and practice materials, especially for Intermediate students to study on their own. That’s one reason I started the EnglishHints website in 2011.

Reading a lot in English is so valuable for learning vocabulary and ways to express thoughts in English!

In fact, for almost anyone who wants to study or work using English, conversational English is not enough. That's why EnglishHints and the EnglishHints Academy include so much academic vocabulary and guided reading practice.

I hope these courses will help you become a more confident and effective English speaker!

P.S. You can reach me with any questions at

Please contact me if you are interested, or if you have any questions. Don't miss your chance to be in the first group of students, with extra help and an extra low price. I offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you feel the course has not helped you after trying at least 3 lessons, so there's no risk-- and a confident future to gain!