How can you solve the “mystery” of the TOEFL Reading Section and get the score you need?

The TOEFL can seem like an overwhelming challenge, with all the academic vocabulary you should know and so many questions to answer in such a short time.

This course will teach you to understand the questions on the TOEFL Reading Section (Test), so you can answer them quickly and confidently.

It explains the test structure and what the examiners are looking for with each type of question, then helps you master them, one step at a time.

You will learn and practice how to

> skim reading passages for the main ideas, then scan for the answers to individual questions 

> recognize and answer negative questions 

> make inferences and recognize the implications of ideas that are not clearly stated

> answer vocabulary questions and use the most helpful strategies for figuring out the meaning of unknown words 

> complete category lists for a table, to show that you understand and can organize the ideas of a passage in your mind 

> recognize the nouns that pronouns refer back to, even when they are not close to each other 

> determine the passage's structure, as well as how the parts fit into the general organization of the text and the logical place a particular sentence would go 

 > determine the author's purpose for presenting certain information 

> recognize good (and poor) restatements of ideas and practice paraphrasing skills 

> and choose the best summary of a reading passage, that gives all the main ideas and most important details, but does not include unimportant details or information that was not in the passage 

There is a quiz after each lesson with a reading passage and a few questions like the ones on the TOEFL Reading Test.  In the middle and at the end of the course there are longer tests of 12-14 questions that closely resemble a reading passage and its questions in the actual test.

Bonus: a private Facebook group where you can discuss the test or ask me (or your fellow students) about anything you’re not sure about. I’ll work closely with you to help you prepare—and to improve your English skills-- since that can open so many doors to future opportunities.

Your satisfaction guaranteed. I want you to feel you have gotten value from any course I offer. Please contact me if you have any problems or questions. If you feel the course is not worth what you paid, please contact me for a full refund

On the other hand, if you find the course helpful please take a moment to share that information too. (See the review form provided.)

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the TOEFL Reading Clues Course

  • 2

    Unit 1: Read Faster and Understand More

  • 3

    Unit 2: Vocabulary Skills & Practice

    • Lesson 4 Context Clues

    • Lesson 4- Context Clues-review & links

    • Lesson 4 Quiz on an Aztec epidemic

    • Lesson 5- Decoding Word Parts to Learn Vocabulary

    • Lesson 5 Vocabulary: Decoding Word Parts- Links+

    • Lesson 5- Prefixes, Suffixes, & Choosing Correct Prefixes for Root Meanings (with Answers)

    • Lesson 5 Quiz: Decoding Word Parts

    • Lesson 6- Vocabulary Study

    • Lesson 6- Vocabulary Study- Links + pdf

    • Lesson 6 Bonus When Do You KNOW a word?

    • Lesson 6 Quiz: Vocabulary Study

    • Lesson 7- Practicing Vocabulary

    • Lesson 7- Practicing Vocabulary Links+

    • Vocabulary Bonus (Important Detective Words)

    • Vocabulary Pronunciation Bonus for Lesson 7

    • Scientific Method (and quiz)

  • 4

    Unit 3. Understand the Author's Purpose & Text Organization

    • Lesson 8: Why Did the Author...?

    • Lesson 8- Why Did the Author... ?

    • Lesson 8 Reading Test Practice

    • Lesson 9 Where Does this Sentence Belong? What Does this Pronoun Refer to?

    • Lesson 9 Where Does this Sentence Belong? What Does This Pronoun Refer to?

    • Lesson 9 Bonus: Category Table

    • Lesson 9 Quiz

    • Lesson 10: How Else Could You Say That?

    • Lesson 10 How Else Can You Say That- review & links

    • Lesson 10 Quiz

    • Lesson 11: Can You Summarize the Main Ideas?

    • Lesson 11 Can You Summarize...?- review & links

    • Lesson 11 Practice Reading Test

  • 5

    Unit 4. Where Can You Go From Here?

    • Lesson 12: Are You Ready? Test Your Skills!

    • Lesson 12- Test Your Skills!

    • Practice for the TOEFL Reading Test

About the instructor


Catherine Simonton

I’ve been helping students learn English for nearly 20 years, though I've been fascinated by words and languages my whole life.

I learned how to study vocabulary while studying several languages including Latin (the source of so many roots of English words), Spanish, a little Portuguese (just reading), and some Chinese. That language study has been so enriching, as well as useful, that I want to help others get the same benefits from learning English!

While teaching adult ESL I saw the need for more reading and practice materials, especially for Intermediate students to study on their own. That’s one reason I started the EnglishHints website in 2011.

Reading a lot in English is so valuable for learning vocabulary and ways to express thoughts in English!

In fact, for almost anyone who wants to study or work using English, conversational English is not enough. That's why EnglishHints and the EnglishHints Academy include so much academic vocabulary and guided reading practice.

I hope these courses will help you become a more confident and effective English speaker!

P.S. You can reach me with any questions at

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